This seminar is strictly informational. It is not/ will not be a means of an entryway into the television film industry. No refunds or rescheduling allowed.

Movie Hair/ Barber Seminar


Date: October 6th, 2019             Time: 11 am - 2 pm


Before going out to beautify the movie world, here's a workshop that will teach you the many do's and don'ts of set life. Dana Boisseau (aka Queen Hollywood South), movie stylist of over 16 years will be sharing her extensive knowledge:

-How to Get Started in the Movie Industry

-What Producers and other Hair Dept. Heads look for during the Interviewing  Process

-Tips on Set & Trailor Ettiquette

-Professionalism with Actors in the workplace 

-How styling in the Movie Indusrty Differs from Styling in a Salon or Barber Shop

                                                  & More!